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We are GeoAnsata

GeoAnsata provides professional services to the mining, minerals and extractive industries and add value by providing solutions and improving the implementation | application of the clients by mentoring them, assisting clients in understanding, developing and reporting on their mineral assets.

  • Mineral asset valuation and support for strategic investment
  • Legal and Technical Advice for foreign investors, related to:
    • The new Brazilian Mining Code Rules
    • Mine and project reviews using international best practice standards
  • Corporate and Transaction Services including identification, due diligence review, analysis and valuation of Brazilian mining assets or companies
  • Due Diligence, process improvement studies and audit reports for investing, M&A and strategical decisions
  • Technical studies required for Exploration Results and Mineral Resources Reporting | Mineral resource estimation (CRIRSCO standards)
  • Review of systems, protocols and processes for mining projects, data management, including QA/QC, historical database validation, data verification and auditing
  • Trusted advisor for data quality | geological data management systems | databases
  • On-site training for mining industry
  • Consulting services for prospective vendors or purchasers of mines and mineral deposits in Brazil.

GeoAnsata prides itself

on the global experience and expertise of its staff and associates to improve projects for a better world.

Trust in GeoAnsata's purpose to help you and your company towards success in the mining industry.

The corporate head office is in São Paulo - Brazil and close to your company or project around the world.

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