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We are GeoAnsata

GeoAnsata provides professional services to the mining, minerals and extractive industries and add value by providing solutions and improving the implementation | application of the clients by mentoring them, assisting clients in understanding, developing and reporting on their mineral assets.

  • Mineral asset valuation and support for strategic investment
  • Legal and Technical Advice for foreign investors, related to:
    • The new Brazilian Mining Code Rules
    • Mine and project reviews using international best practice standards
  • Corporate and Transaction Services including identification, due diligence review, analysis and valuation of Brazilian mining assets or companies
  • Reporting | Mineral resource estimation (CRIRSCO standards)
  • Review of systems, protocols and processes for mining projects, data management, including QA/QC, historical database validation, data verification and auditing
  • Trusted advisor for data quality | geological data management systems | databases
  • On-site training for mining industry

GeoAnsata prides itself

on the global experience and expertise of its staff and associates to improve projects for a better world.

Trust in GeoAnsata's purpose to help you and your company towards success in the mining industry.

The corporate head office is in São Paulo - Brazil and close to your company or project around the world.

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